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Paragliding in Turkey


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Paraglliding in Turkey

Sitting at the dinner table in the seaside city of Kas, our cycling guide listed options for the upcoming rest day. Lying on the beach, a ferry ride to a nearby Greek island or paragliding off a 500 meter cliff behind our hotel were offered up as individual choices. Before the word paraglide had fully left the guide’s lips a woman on our tour , who although would not declare her age we guessed it to be in late 70s, screamed that she wanted to go paragliding.

Our cycling group mantra had evolved ‘If she can do it, then I can do it!’. Hubby and I were signed up for the following afternoon.One would hate to miss an adventure.

The following day Hubby and I were picked up by three very friendly and large Turkish men in a van dating back several decades. They spoke some English and with brief…

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My grandfather is close to dying with cancer. He can no longer talk and cannot move. We had the whole family over and I had a meltdown. Many people tried to comfort me. When I stopped crying, they all asked if I was OK. I lied and told them yes. When I wanted to say no, I’m not OK and I need all of you to try to help me be OK, but I couldn’t. I believe tonight I won’t be getting much sleep.

Love, with teary eyes,


I’m Back!

Good afternoon ladies and gents! I apologize for being gone for the past few days but I had an appendicitis attack on Sunday and had my appendix removed at about 9 p.m. that night. I am still very sore and haven’t returned to school yet. I still move like an old woman. I am glad to be back.



Pompeii Under Siege

I have always wanted to visit Pompeii!!!!

Travel Tales of Life


Almost two thousand years ago Pompeii, a bustling port of 20,000, fell silent to the power of Mount Vesuvius. Having been badly damaged in an earthquake 17 years prior, 30 feet of hot volcanic ash would silence the then unfortunate souls of Pompeii once and for all.

Today 2.5 million visitors rain down on Pompeii annually. As two of the curious onlookers at the grim scene we really can not point fingers at the potential extinction of the site from foot traffic and nature’s elements.

We felt as though a million or so tourists showed up the same day as we to the historic site. Under the blazing sun and dripping humidity we dodged swarms of tour groups. If you thought cycling in Rome might be dangerous try getting in the path of a tour guide herding his potential tip paying guests in ancient Pompeii.

Map 2 (Pompei)

1.Rome 2.Pompeii 3.Positano 4.Cortona 5.Montepulciano 6.Bagno Vignoni 7.San Casciano 8.Sorano  9.Orvieto 10.Camogli 11.Nice

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images (8)Colors are life, the good and the bad.

Red- What you see and feel when he loves another

Orange- When you are restless late at night

Yellow- When you get a hug from a best friend

Green- When you are alone listening to the birds and wind

Blue- When there is silence

Purple- When you win

Pink- When you are kissed

Brown- When you can be peaceful

Gray- When you get a bad grade

Black- What you feel when a loved one is dying.

Ladies and gents, my grandpa is dying with cancer. This post is dedicated to him. Please please please pray for my family during this time. Every day at school I wonder if he made it, every day. Please think about that, I’m only a 13 year old girl, who feels like she can’t do anything to help. I really don’t know what to do.