Paragliding in Turkey


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Paraglliding in Turkey

Sitting at the dinner table in the seaside city of Kas, our cycling guide listed options for the upcoming rest day. Lying on the beach, a ferry ride to a nearby Greek island or paragliding off a 500 meter cliff behind our hotel were offered up as individual choices. Before the word paraglide had fully left the guide’s lips a woman on our tour , who although would not declare her age we guessed it to be in late 70s, screamed that she wanted to go paragliding.

Our cycling group mantra had evolved ‘If she can do it, then I can do it!’. Hubby and I were signed up for the following afternoon.One would hate to miss an adventure.

The following day Hubby and I were picked up by three very friendly and large Turkish men in a van dating back several decades. They spoke some English and with brief…

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